Broadway Shows New York City | Honeymoon in Vegas

Broadway Shows New York City | Honeymoon in Vegas

What are the most popular NY Activities? Many New York locals and tourists like to see Broadway Shows. New York City’s production of Honeymoon in Vegas is sure to be a favorite following its January 2015 premiere.

Nederlander Theatre | 208 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036

About Honeymoon in Vegas:
What are the top NY Activities? Many NYC travelers love seeing Broadway Shows. New York City offers so much to see and do that it can be difficult to know which NY Activity to enjoy first. For a most enjoyable experience in Manhattan, we recommend you see a few Broadway Shows – like Honeymoon in Vegas, which runs at the Nederlander Theatre.

Honeymoon in Vegas tells the story of Jack Singer, a regular guy with an extreme fear of marriage. Jack’s girlfriend – Betsy - puts the pressure on, so Jack finally pops the question. The couple heads to Vegas for a whirlwind weekend wedding, but there are a few glitches that the duo must contend with.

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If your idea of a perfect Manhattan vacation does includes watching Broadway Shows, New York City’s production of Honeymoon in Vegas could make for a very memorable experience. In Honeymoon in Vegas, Sin City wise guy Tommy Korman catches a glimpse of Jack’s stunning bride-to-be and notices her uncanny resemblance to his late wife. He then tries anything he can think of to break up the romance and get his own 2nd chance at love.

Honeymoon in Vegas is one of several Broadway Shows in New York City that explores adult themes, so this production is not recommended for younger audiences. Some teens, however, may be mature enough for the material.

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