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NYC Helicopter Ride | New York City Activities

An NYC Helicopter Ride is a New York City Activity that is perfect for a family adventure or a romantic evening out.

Looking for an adventure during a visit to New York City? Consider booking an NYC Helicopter Ride. This NY Activity will be a highlight of your visit.

About Taking a Helicopter Ride:
Visitors to the City will find many different ways to enjoy the city views, but none are as exciting as an NYC Helicopter Ride. This NY Activity lets you soar high above the City and enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of iconic buildings and Attractions.

Several different flights are available. Consider a daytime flight during which you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and Yankee Stadium. Fly over the Statue of Liberty and see the whole of Ellis Island where millions of immigrants first stepped foot on United States soil.

You can also enjoy this New York City Activity at night. Imagine flying above New York as the City’s lights twinkle like diamonds below. Flights during the holiday season offer a chance to also see the holiday lights that illuminate the City during this special time of year.

An NYC Helicopter Ride is exciting enough, but you can add to this NY Activity to make it even more memorable. Some of the add-ons that are available are the chance to touch down on Ellis Island to indulge in a champagne toast or a fabulous dinner at a New York City Restaurant.

Several companies offer NYC Helicopter Rides including Helicopter Flight Service (212.355.0801), New York Helicopter (212.361.6060), Adrenaline 365 (888.992.3736), and Liberty Helicopter (800.542.9933.)  Packages and pricing varies. While it is possible to book this NY Activity at the last minute, for the best prices and selection, it is best to reserve a helicopter ride in advance.

For an unforgettable New York City Activity, consider an NYC Helicopter Ride.